Institute: Szervezési és Vezetési Intézet (1084 Budapest, Tavaszmező u. 17.) Credit: 6
Type of classes: Nappali Language: angol Semester: 2015/16/1
Level: Mérnök informatikus BSc alapszak;
Responsible Teacher: Dr. Kadocsa György Teacher(s): Svitlana Nardus;
Consultations (total/week): Heti Lectures: 3 Practice lectures: 1 Labs: 0 Consultations: 0
Type of Exam: félévközi jegy
Aim of the subject: The purpose of the course is to explore businesses from a contingencialist point of view; their embeddedness, their relation to their environment along with
their internal processes. The general characteristics, such as the work and power structures, business functions of organisations are also introduced and
analysed. Value creating processes and financial aspects of investment strategies and general operations are also discussed.
Requirements during the semester
(homeworks, essays,
excercises, teamworks,
part and final
oral/written exam etc.):
2 tests and an essay of 10 pages
Week of
Topics of lectures/practices
1. Organisational objectives - business organisations
2. External business environment
3. International business environment - globalisation
4. Micro-level business environment - the five forces of competition
5. Organisational structures
6. Operations management
7. Midterm test
8. Investment decisions
9. Cost and profit analysis
10. Organisational culture - the soft side of organisations
11. Competitiveness - marketing aspects of business operations
12. Change and change strategies in organisations
13. Corporate social responsibility
14. Final test
Type of evaluation,
repetition, calculation
of grade, etc.
2 tests and an essay of 10 pages
Compulsory literature: Campbell - Craig (2005) Organisations and the Business Environment, Routledge.
Suggested literature: Johnson-Scholes-Whittington (2007) Exploring Corporate Strategy, Financial Times/ Prentice Hall
Hisrich-Peters-Shepherd (2012) Entrepreneurship, McGraw-Hill/Irwin
Methods of
quality assurance
of the subject :
TÜV CERT EN ISO 9001:2000