Institute: Szervezési és Vezetési Intézet (1084 Budapest, Tavaszmező u. 17.) Credit: 6
Type of classes: Nappali Language: angol Semester: 2011/12/1
Level: ERASMUS; Kritérium tárgy;
Responsible Teacher: Szabó Richard Teacher(s): Szabó Richard;
Consultations (total/week): Heti Lectures: 2 Practice lectures: 2 Labs: 0 Consultations: 0
Type of Exam: félévközi jegy
Aim of the subject: Advanced knowledge in the Europen Union’s and Hungarian consumers rights in the area of the financial services
Week of
Topics of lectures/practices
1. Consumer rights int he European Union
2. Basic questions of the consumer protection
3. The Hungarian Consumer Protection Act
4. The „Institutional help” model of consumer protection
5. General Inspectorate for Consumer Protection (GICP)
6. The Association of Conscious Consumer (ACC)
7. Introduction to the financial systems
8. The structure of Financial Services in Hungary
9. The Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority (HFSA)
10. Special aspects of the Consumer Protection in Bank Sector
11. Special aspects of the Consumer Protection in Securities and Exchanges
12. Special aspects of the Consumer Protection in Insurance Sector
13. Special aspects of the Consumer Protection in Pension and Health Fund’s Sector
14. Practice: visit one of the financial institution
Type of evaluation,
repetition, calculation
of grade, etc.
Participation in the lessons, final paper, personal research in selected theme.
Compulsory literature: Richard Szabó (ed): Basic Consumer Protection int he European Union
Richard Szabó: Consumer protection int he Financial Services
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quality assurance
of the subject :
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