Institute: Szervezési és Vezetési Intézet (1084 Budapest, Tavaszmező u. 17.) Credit: 3
Type of classes: Nappali Language: angol Semester: 2011/12/2
Level: ERASMUS; Kritérium tárgy;
Responsible Teacher: Szabó Richard Teacher(s): Szabó Richard;
Consultations (total/week): Heti Lectures: 0 Practice lectures: 3 Labs: 0 Consultations: 0
Type of Exam: félévközi jegy
Aim of the subject: High qualified knowledge of the Cash Flow in the daily corporate decision.
Week of
Topics of lectures/practices
1. The Importance of Managing Cash and Liquidity
2. The structure of the Annual Report (international and national)
3. The Statement of Cash Flow
4. The Cash Budget: Key Planning tool
5. The Cash and Working Capital cycle
6. Illustration of the Cash Cycle Time Line
7. Cash Gathering: Managing Receivable and Cash Collection
8. Credit Policy costs
9. Inventory Investment
10. Determination of the Economic Order Quantity
11. Accunt Payable and Accruals
12. Setting a Payables Policy
13. Creative ways of Meeting Cash Needs
14. Tutorial consultation
Type of evaluation,
repetition, calculation
of grade, etc.
To participiat in the lessons, final paper,
Suggested literature: J. Markham Collins : Cash Flow and Liquidity Management ISBN 963 8401 17 6