Institute: Szervezési és Vezetési Intézet (1084 Budapest, Tavaszmező u. 17.) Credit: 2
Type of classes: Nappali Language: angol Semester: 2020/21/1
Level: ERASMUS; Kritérium tárgy;
Responsible Teacher: Dr. Lazányi Kornélia Teacher(s): Fehér-Polgár Pál;
Pre requirements: angol nyelvi elõkövetelmény
Consultations (total/week): Heti Lectures: 0 Practice lectures: 0 Labs: 2 Consultations: 0
Type of Exam: félévközi jegy
Aim of the subject: Purpose of the course is to teach the basic rules of functioning in an organisation, especially in a team and to give insight into the pool of
leadership competencies through simulations in teams Course description: Students – after exploring themselves –take a closer look at the inner
of teams. They investigate leadership roles in line with the sources of power as well as take a peak at motivation in motion. They will be exposed
to personal
experiences of organisational and national cultural differences, and will be able to learn, and practice conflict resolution, stress management
labour. While learning the basics of time management, they will be able to design their personal life-strategies.
Week of
Topics of lectures/practices
1. Creativity and brainstorming techniques
2. Self-confidence, development
3. Working in teams
4. Leadership skills
5. Power in organisations
6. Motivation
7. Organisational and national culture
8. Communication skills
9. Emotional labour
10. Conflict resolution
11. Stress management
12. Time management
13. Personal life strategy
14. Student presentations
Compulsory literature: Stephen P. Robbins, Timothy A. Judge: Organizational Behavior, Pearson Prentice Hall, 2007
Suggested literature: Elliot Aronson: The Social Animal, Worth Publishers, 2003