Institute: Szervezési és Vezetési Intézet (1084 Budapest, Tavaszmező u. 17.) Credit: 2
Type of classes: Nappali Language: ANGOL Semester: 2020/21/1
Level: Kritérium tárgy;
Responsible Teacher: Dr. Keszthelyi András Teacher(s): Dr. Keszthelyi András;
Consultations (total/week): Heti Lectures: 0 Practice lectures: 0 Labs: 2 Consultations: 0
Type of Exam: félévközi jegy
Aim of the subject: The purpose of the course is to provide international business education
in a one-week block training, where the students can
meet lecturers from various Erasmus partner universities.The actual
content of the class can be tailored by the students themselves from a
list offered by the guest lecturers. In order to receive the credit,
altogether 28*45 min. of lectures have to be attended to. The final test
on the basis of the selected and visited lectures is due on the last
week of the semester. Students are provided opportunity for consultation
with the guest lecturers outside of the lectures as well.
Week of
Topics of lectures/practices
1. Recent changes in business
Entrepreneurship - intrapreneurship
Innovation management

2. New trends on the market
New trends in marketing
New trends in HR
3. New trends in accounting
New trends in finance
4. New trends in strategic planning
New trends in management
5. Lifelong learning
Type of evaluation,
repetition, calculation
of grade, etc.
Working activity in the classroom and the final test.
Compulsory literature: Will be provided by the guest lecturers.
Suggested literature: Will be provided by the guest lecturers, if any.
Other literature: