Óbudai Egyetem - Keleti Károly Gazdasági Kar
Intézet: Szervezési és Vezetési Intézet (1084 Budapest, Tavaszmező u. 17.) Kreditérték: 4
Tagozat: Nappali Nyelv: magyar Félév: 2019/20/2
Szakok: Technical Management BSc;
Tantárgyfelelős oktató: Dr. Berecz József Oktatók: Dr. Gyarmati Gábor;
Heti/Féléves óraszámok: Heti Előadás: 0 Tantermi gyakorlat: 0 Labor: 2 Konzultáció: 0
Félévzárás módja (követelmény): félévközi jegy
Oktatási cél: Students should learn about the specific forms of entrepreneurship that exist in the EU. Get an overview of competition and support policy at Community
level in order to be able to recognize your company`s interests and be effective in EU markets, even as an entrepreneur. Building from the beginning on
how to start and run a business in today`s Europe.
Félévközi követelmények
(feladat, zh. dolgozat, esszé, stb):
Section §46.(1) of the Study and examination regulations of Óbuda University clearly states, that It is obligatory to attend seminars, laboratory
practice sessions, etc. Moreover, (3) in the same sections instructs that In the event that the student`s absences from a subject course compulsory
to be attended exceed 30% of the total number of lessons in the semester of that subject, the student may not be granted a signature and does not
qualify for a midyear grade.
In special cases you can apply for (or done yet) a preferential study scheme (section §52.), when attendance is not strictly required.
Short tests in every lectures would be possible. (max 30% from the all points)
0-51%: fail (1)52%-64%: pass (2)65%-74%: good (3)75%-84%: very good (4)85%-100%: excellent (5)
Theres is one final test at the end of the semester (max 70% from the all points.)
Oktatási hét
1. International trading history
2. The change of Europe near the Great war
3. The Great war and its affect to Europe
4. Between the 2 world war and Great depression
5. Economic geography of Europe
6. Economic geography of Europe 2 (Germany, UK, France)
7. SMEs statistical analyses
8. After the 2nd world war, cold war
9. Financial situation of European companies
10. Common policies
11. CAP
12. European strategies
13. Busienss cases
14. Test
Az értékelés, a lebonyolítás,
a pótlás módja,
a jegy kialakításának szempontjai:
There is one more possitibility to develop your grade in the semester and some exams in the exam period.
A félévzárás módja
(írásbeli, szóbeli, teszt, stb.):
Written test and short tests in each lectures is possible.
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Proceedings: MEB 2018
Gyarmati Gábor: The situation of environment protection in Hungary and in the EU, Szikora, Péter; Fehér-Polgár, Pál (szerk.) 17th International
Conference on Management, Enterprise, Benchmarking. Proceedings (MEB 2019)
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