Óbudai Egyetem - Keleti Károly Gazdasági Kar
Intézet: Vállalkozásmenedzsment Intézet (1084 Budapest, Tavaszmezõ u. 15-17.) Kreditérték: 4
Tagozat: Nappali Nyelv: English Félév: 2019/20/1
Szakok: Business Development;
Tantárgyfelelős oktató: dr. László Gábor Oktatók: dr. László Gábor;
Heti/Féléves óraszámok: Heti Előadás: 2 Tantermi gyakorlat: 2 Labor: 0 Konzultáció: 0
Félévzárás módja (követelmény): félévközi jegy
Oktatási cél: The aim of the course is to introduce students to the research methods, give an insight to the whole research process and ethics.
Félévközi követelmények
(feladat, zh. dolgozat, esszé, stb):
The course is a combination of lecturing, problem solving, tutorial and discussion sections. To achieve the required progress in the material,
students must use the Text during the classroom hours and should follow the material from the Text on a regular basis.
Students will be required to conduct research and gather information for their presentations. Each student will be required to give a presentation
at the end of the semester on the given topic. Details about the project will be discussed at the start of the semester.
Oktatási hét
1. Syllabus and introduction to research
2. Formulating the research topic
3. Critically reviewing the literature
4. Research philosophy and theory development
5. Formulating the research design
6. Research design and research ethics
7. Sampling and using secondary data
8. Collecting primary data through observation
9. Semi-structured, in-depth and group interviews
10. Questionnaires
11. Analyzing quantitative data
12. Analyzing qualitative data
13. The research report, writing and presenting a project
14. Closing remarks and students` presentations
Az értékelés, a lebonyolítás,
a pótlás módja,
a jegy kialakításának szempontjai:
Class participation: 20%
Class project: 30%
Final examination: 50%
5 (excellent): 89 – 100 %
4 (good): 75 - 88 %
3 (satisfactory): 63 – 74 %
2 (pass): 51 – 62 %
1 (fail): 50% or less
Mark Saunders, Philip Lewis, Adrian Thornhill. Research methods for business students. Pearson, 2016. Seventh edition. ISBN 978-1-292-01662-7
Required readings TBD at the start of the course.
Mildred L. Patten. Understanding Research Methods. An Overview of the Essentials. Routledge, 2018. 10th eText ISBN: 9781351817370, 135181737X
Earl R. Babbie. The Basics of Social Research, 6th edition. Cengage Learning, 2013
Earl R. Babbie. The Practice of Social Research, 14th edition. Cengage Learning, 2014
TBD at the start of the course.
A tárgy minőségbiztosítási
You are expected to exhibit honesty and use ethical behavior in all aspects of the learning process. Academic dishonesty (e.g. Plagiarism, Improper
collaboration in group work, Copying or using unauthorized aids in tests and examinations) results in either a failure of the course or in a more
serious case the withdrawal from the program.