Óbudai Egyetem - Keleti Károly Gazdasági Kar
Intézet: Módszertani és Menedzsment Intézet (1084 Budapest, Tavaszmező u. 17.) Kreditérték: 2
Tagozat: Nappali Nyelv: angol Félév: 2019/20/1
Szakok: Technical Management BSc;
Tantárgyfelelős oktató: Dr. habil. Piricz Noémi Oktatók: Dr. habil. Piricz Noémi;
Heti/Féléves óraszámok: Heti Előadás: 0 Tantermi gyakorlat: 0 Labor: 2 Konzultáció: 0
Félévzárás módja (követelmény): félévközi jegy
Oktatási cél: Purpose of the course is to teach the basic rules of functioning in an organisation, especially in a team and to give insight into the pool of
fundamental leadership competencies through simulations in teams Course description: Students – after exploring themselves –take a closer look at
the inner dynamics of teams. They investigate leadership roles in line with the sources of power. They will be exposed to personal experiences of
organisational and national cultural differences, and will be able to learn, and practice conflict resolution, stress management and emotional
labour. While learning the basics of time management, they will be able to design their personal life-strategies.
Félévközi követelmények
(feladat, zh. dolgozat, esszé, stb):
Number, requirements and dates of mid-term checking of the progress of studies () Individual or group presentation):

1) Individual presentation on week 8: max 40 points
2) Individual or group presentation (it depends on the number of students) on week 12: max 60 points

Both presentations cannot be fulfilled or repeated in exam period!

Requirements on participation on labs:
It is mandatory to attend the labs required in the syllabus when scheduled on the timetable.
The requirements of the Study and Exam Rules are applicable to missed lessons. (During a semester, one three labs can be missed).

It is compulsory to actively take part in lessons. Participation is verified by means of an attendance sheet.
Oktatási hét
1. Introduction, requirements
2. Organizational behaviour
3. Self-confidence, development
4. Leadership skills
5. Management Roles
6. Power in organisations
7. Organisational and national culture
8. Working in teams
9. Communication skills
10. Emotional labour - Conflict resolution
11. Stress management
12. Time management
13. Personal life strategy
14. Summary of course
Az értékelés, a lebonyolítás,
a pótlás módja,
a jegy kialakításának szempontjai:
How marks are given?
1) Individual presentation on week 8: max 40 points
2) Individual or group presentation (it depends on the number of students) on week 12: max 60 points

The calculation of marks:
between 0-50%: one (1)
between 51-64%: two (2)
between 65-75%: three (3)
between 76-88%: four (4)
between 89-100%: five (5)
A félévzárás módja
(írásbeli, szóbeli, teszt, stb.):
Written exam at exam period in case of failure during the semester.
Kötelező irodalom: • Stephen P. Robbins, Timothy A. Judge (2016) Organizational Behavior, Student Value Edition (17th Edition), Pearson Prentice Hall, ISBN-13: 978-
0134182070 ISBN-10: 0134182073
• Learning material in Moodle
Ajánlott irodalom: a) Scott and Amundsen: Race for the South Pole (Documentary) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VQZA42QqiA
b) Elliot Aronson (2003) The Social Animal, Worth Publishers
c) R. M. Belbin (2004) Management Teams: Why They Succeed or Fail, Routledge
Egyéb segédletek: Movie: Lord of The Flies (1990) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMBoYBapi8g